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Variable Annuities

PENTECO is a comprehensive Financial Services firm committed to helping our clients develop a financial portfolio that meets their unique, personal needs.  In many cases, Annuities can help meet those needs.

Variable Annuities are essentially Mutual Funds in a Life Insurance wrapper.  Because they are Mutual Funds, you can benefit from stock-market growth rates.  Because they are offered by Life Insurance companies, you can often get better settlement and/or wealth-transfer options at death.  But, because they are "variable," these funds can rise, and fall, with the stock market.

Because of their potential volatility, Variable Annuities may be appropriate for some of your speculative funds, but may be inappropriate for your "core" retirement funds that you cannot afford to lose...use Fixed Annuities for those core funds, and see a wide range of Fixed Annuity products on the relevant pages within this site.

We will be pleased to review your financial plans and goals to determine the most appropriate planning and financial products for you.

Contact Peter A. Constandy at (703) 799-2500 to discuss a personalized financial program that will assist you to grow, protect, and conserve your wealth.

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