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Immediate Annuities

PENTECO is a comprehensive Financial Services firm committed to helping our clients develop a financial portfolio that meets their unique needs. 

Immediate Annuities turn a lump-sum of money into a future income stream, usually beginning "immediately."  Payments may be received monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, and may continue for any desired period, although usually 10 years or longer and frequently for life (or joint and survivor life with a spouse).

The benefits of Immediate Annuities are that they provide a Guaranteed Income during retirement.  Once started, you can never outlive your income stream.

We will be pleased to provide Guaranteed income illustrations customized to your retirement goals.  All we need to know is how much income you will need.  Or, allow us to create a comprehensive financial plan for you at no cost or obligation.  Then we can determine how much money you will need to generate an adequate Guaranteed income for life.

Contact Peter A. Constandy at (703) 799-2500 to discuss a personalized financial program that will assist you to grow, protect, and conserve your wealth.

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